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The Popular Music Catalog is a collection of 120 songs, all but a dozen or so of which are based on steel string acoustic guitar arrangements. Those that are not are based on electric or nylon string guitar arrangements that are well suited to steel string acoustic guitar. Most of the songs in the Popular Music Catalog have enjoyed tremendous commercial success, and many are widely considered to be icons of acoustic guitar music. The catalog encompasses a wide variety of rhythm acoustic guitar styles. Very few of the guitar arrangements require more than a high intermediate level of skill, and many are within the reach of players who have barely advanced beyond a beginner level of skill. There is a more or less equal emphasis on flatpick styles of play and fingerstyles. The catalog is a good resource for songs with vocal harmony (72 songs), songs played in alternate tunings (38 songs), and songs played on 12-string guitar (14 songs).

The Popular Music Catalog is comprised of 10 albums of 12 songs each, but they are albums only in the sense that they are groups of songs with a common theme. The first four albums are devoted to the four basic styles of play on the steel string acoustic guitar (flatpick, pick and strum, fingerstyle, and fingerpick). The fifth album consists entirely of songs played in alternate tunings. The sixth through tenth albums cover five of the six decades that have come and gone since the steel string guitar first became widely popularized (1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s). The songs in each individual album are arranged in alphabetical order by song title. The two search buttons at the top of this page allow for searching the Catalog by song title or by artist name. If you are mainly interested in a particular type of song, you can click here to review songlists for 14 additional search categories based on the type of song.

The catalog listing below includes order links in the album title bars that allow for ordering all the charts (CH) or all the chord docs (cho) for that album. You can also order songs individually (chart and chord doc for $1) by clicking on the Twelvemonth cinquefoils () in the album title bars. The PDF files for the charts and chord docs are stamped on every page with the customer name and order number so as to discourage file sharing and better protect the rights of the copyright holders. Every song chart is an exact account of all the chords required for playing the song through from start to finish along with the original recording. The song charts include the correct timing of all the chord changes, and you don’t have to know how to read music to make use of them. About all that is required to start working with the charts is learning how to interpret repeat signs (see the About Charts page of this website), and learning how to read the chord symbols used in the charts and chord docs.

The chord doc for a song is an exact account of the guitar chord fingerings used to play the song on the original recording. In the chord docs as well as in the song charts, the 18 Common Chords are referred to solely by their chord symbols. In the chord docs, the required information for any non-common chords used in playing the song is given in table format, which can be translated into chord diagrams if that is your preference (see the About Chords page of this website).

Please note that the charts and chord docs for songs with duet arrangement contain both arrangements. And be sure to notice that the catalog listing includes seven categories of information for each of the 125 guitar arrangements (120 songs plus 5 rhythm guitar duet arrangements). A careful review of this detailed information will allow you to select songs that are well suited to your playing skills and to your individual learning needs. Finally, you can click on an album title directly below to advance to the catalog listing for that album. Enjoy the music!

R26 Flatpick Classics Excerpt MP3s
CH ($4.80) cho ($4.80) (top)
ref. # time title (artist) style of play tuning key of play common chords barre chords vocals meter
R26-01 8:32 American Pie (Don McLean) Flat STD G 7of9 NO 1 4
R26-02 2:29 And I Love Her (Beatles) Flat STD c#/d 4of15 YES 1 4
R26-03 3:21 Anticipation (Carly Simon) Flat lowD D 2of10 NO 1,3 4,6
R26-04 4:34 Best Of My Love (Eagles) 12 Flat STD C 3of7 YES 1,3 2
R26-05 2:24 Bye Bye Love (Everly Brothers) Flat STD(VII) D 3of7 NO 1,2 12
R26-05b time Bye Bye Love (Everly Brothers) Flat STD A 4of6 NO 1,2 12
R26-06 2:42 California Dreamin’ (Mamas & Papas) 12 Flat STD(V) a 5of10 NO 4 4
R26-07 4:10 Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett) Flat lowD D 3of7 NO 1 4
R26-08 3:50 Mrs. Robinson (Simon & Garfunkle) Flat STD(II) E,G 5of8 NO 2 4
R26-09 3:07 Proud Mary (Credence Clearwater Revival) Flat STD D 5of6 YES 1,3 4
R26-10 2:17 Sunshine (Jonathan Edwards) Flat STD(I) A 4of6 NO 1,2 4
R26-11 4:42 Uncle John’s Band (Grateful Dead) Flat STD G 6of8 YES 2,3 4,3
R26-12 6:29 The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald (Gordon Lightfoot) 12 Flat STD(II) A 4of6 NO 1 6
R27 Pick and Strum Classics Excerpt MP3s
CH ($4.80) cho ($4.80) (top)
ref. # time title (artist) style of play tuning key of play common chords barre chords vocals meter
R27-01 3:33 America (Simon & Garfunkle) 12 P+S STD(II) C 9of17 YES 2 9
R27-02 3:04 Coat Of Many Colors (Dolly Parton) P+S STD(III) G,A 6of7 NO 1,3 4
R27-03 3:44 Ghost Riders In The Sky (Johnny Cash) P+S STD(I) a 3of4 NO 1 4,6
R27-04 2:13 Lonesome Town (Ricky Nelson) P+S DSTD(I) C 7of8 NO 1 2
R27-05 2:24 Love Me Tender (Elvis Presley) P+S STD D 3of10 YES 1,4 4
R27-06 3:22 Old Man (Neil Young) P+S STD D 5of10 NO 1,3 4
R27-07 3:39 Our Lady Of The Well (Jackson Browne) P+S STD G 7of12 YES 1,2 4
R27-08 1:57 Reason To Believe (Tim Hardin) P+S STD C 5of6 NO 1 4
R27-09 4:38 Rocky Mountain High (John Denver) P+S lowD(II) D 2of7 NO 1,2 4
R27-10 3:25 Summer Breeze (Seals & Crofts) P+S STD e,E 6of10 YES 1,2 2
R27-11 3:12 The Times They Are a-Changin’ (Bob Dylan) P+S STD G 4of7 NO 1 3
R27-12 2:05 Yesterday (Beatles) P+S STD G 4of13 NO 1 4
R28 Fingerstyle Classics Excerpt MP3s
CH ($4.80) cho ($4.80) (top)
ref. # time title (artist) style of play tuning key of play common chords barre chords vocals meter
R28-01 3:45 American Tune (Paul Simon) Fs STD C 10of15 NO 1 4,5
R28-02 4:40 At Seventeen (Janis Ian) Fs STD C 4of13 YES 1 4
R28-03 3:23 Country Road (James Taylor) Fs lowD D 4of10 YES 1 4
R28-04 3:24 Fire And Rain (James Taylor) Fs STD(III) A 4of12 YES 1 4
R28-05 3:41 Forever Young (Joan Baez) Fs STD(II) G 5of10 YES 1,3 4
R28-06 2:24 Here, There, and Everywhere (Beatles) Fs STD G,g 4of12 YES 1,3 2
R28-07 2:34 If (Bread) Fs STD A 2of15 YES 1 4
R28-08 3:49 If You Could Read My Mind (Gordon Lightfoot) Fs STD A 3of10 YES 1,2 4
R28-09 3:37 Light My Fire (Jose Feliciano) Fs STD a 4of13 YES 1 4
R28-10 2:25 Time In A Bottle (Jim Croce) Fs STD d,D 3of23 NO 1 3
R28-11 4:03 Vincent (Don McLean) Fs STD G 10of18 YES 1 4,2
R28-12 3:42 You Needed Me (Ann Murray) Fs STD(II) G 10of20 YES 1,2 4
R29 Fingerpick Classics Excerpt MP3s
CH ($4.80) cho ($4.80) (top)
ref. # time title (artist) style of play tuning key of play common chords barre chords vocals meter
R29-01 3:00 Annie’s Song (John Denver) 12 FP lowD D 2of11 YES 1 3
R29-02 5:07 The Boxer (Simon & Garfunkle) FP DSTD(I) C 5of11 NO 2 4
R29-03 3:46 Cat’s In The Cradle (Harry Chapin) FP STD(VIII) A 6of12 NO 1 4,6
R29-04 2:56 Crazy Love (Poco) 12 FP STD(III) C 3of4 NO 1,3 4
R29-05 4:14 Danny’s Song (Loggins & Messina) FP STD D 5of10 YES 1,3 4
R29-06 3:55 Dear Prudence (Beatles) FP lowD D 3of17 NO 1,3 4
R29-07 3:25 Dust In The Wind (Kansas) FP STD a 4of15 NO 1,2,3 4
R29-08 2:41 Helplessly Hoping (Crosby, Stills & Nash) FP STD G 4of12 NO 3 4
R29-09 3:54 Landslide (Fleetwood Mac) FP STD(III) C 5of10 NO 1 4
R29-10 4:18 Leader Of The Band (Dan Fogelberg) FP STD(I) G 6of12 YES 1,3 4
R29-11 3:39 Love Song (Elton John) FP STD e 2of4 NO 1,2,3 4
R29-12 3:30 Puff, The Magic Dragon (Peter, Paul & Mary) FP STD(II) G 4of7 YES 1,3 12
R29-12b Puff, The Magic Dragon (Peter, Paul & Mary) FP STD(VII) D 3of7 YES 1,3 12
R30 Tunings Classics Excerpt MP3s
CH ($4.80) cho ($4.80) (top)
ref. # time title (artist) style of play tuning key of play common chords barre chords vocals meter
R30-01 2:18 Blackbird (Beatles) Fs G ~ 0of18 NO 1 12,6
R30-02 4:34 Both Sides, Now (Joni Mitchell) Flat D(IV) ~ 0of5 NO 1 4
R30-03 2:06 4 & 20 (Crosby, Stills, & Nash) FP D5(I) ~ 0of8 NO 1 4
R30-04 3:20 If I Laugh (Cat Stevens) P+S D(II) ~ 0of14 NO 1 4
R30-05 4:49 Just Like A Woman (Richie Havens) Flat DM7 ~ 0of15 YES 1 4
R30-06 2:36 Lady Of The Island (Crosby, Stills & Nash) Fs Dmodal ~ 0of13 NO 1,2 4
R30-07 3:15 Longer (Dan Fogelberg) Fs G ~ 0of15 NO 1,2 4
R30-08 4:35 Marcie (Joni Mitchell) Fs G ~   0of12 NO 1 4
R30-09 4:28 Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers) P+S Dpedal ~ 0of10 NO 1 2
R30-10 4:04 Sisotowbell Lane (Joni Mitchell) Fs C11(II) ~ 0of11 NO 1 4,6
R30-11 2:57 Tell Me Why (Neil Young) P+S DSTD G 5of14 YES 1,3 4
R30-12 3:00 We Just Disagree (Dave Mason) 12 Flat D(II) ~ 0of12 NO 1,3 2
R31 Songs of the 1960’s Excerpt MP3s
CH ($4.80) cho ($4.80) (top)
ref. # time title (artist) style of play tuning key of play common chords barre chords vocals meter
R31-01 2:51 Along Comes Mary (Association) 12 Flat STD a 8of11 YES 1,6 4
R31-02 2:53 Bus Stop (Hollies) 12 Flat STD a,e 6of8 YES 1,2,3 4
R31-03 2:45 By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Glen Campbell) 12 P+S STD F 4of10 YES 1 4
R31-04 2:46 Crying (Roy Orbison) Flat STD D 4of8 YES 1 4
R31-05 5:30 Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan) P+S lowD(III) D 2of6 NO 1 4.6
R31-06 2:32 Nature’s Way (Spirit) Flat STD E 2of10 YES 1,2 4
R31-07 2:04 Norwegian Wood (Beatles) 12 P+S lowD(II) D 4of11 NO 1,2 4
R31-08 4:15 Ode To Billie Joe (Bobbie Gentry) Fs STD D 1of4 NO 1 4
R31-09 3:24 Once I Was (Tim Buckley) 12 Flat STD(I) C 4of5 NO 1 6
R31-10 2:57 San Francisco (Scott McKenzie) 12 Flat STD G,A 8of11 YES 1 4
R31-11 3:47 Suzanne (Leonard Cohen) FP STD E 2of8 YES 1 4,6
R31-12 4:47 Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Judy Collins) Flat STD(I) D,E 5of9 YES 1 4
R32 Songs of the 1970’s Excerpt MP3s
CH ($4.80) cho ($4.80) (top)
ref. # time title (artist) style of play tuning key of play common chords barre chords vocals meter
R32-01  2:15 Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell) Flat D(II) ~  0of10 YES 1,3 4
R32-02 4:14 Diamond Girl (Seals & Crofts) Flat STD a 9of15 NO 1,3 12
R32-03 3:46 Guitar Man (Bread) Flat STD G 8of14 YES 1,2 12
R32-04 4:22 House At Pooh Corner (Loggins & Messina) Fs STD(II) D 5of11 YES 1,3 2,3
R32-05 4:38 Lucky Man (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer) 12 Fs lowD(II) C 1of6 NO 1,3 6
R32-05b Lucky Man (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) Flat STD D 3of8 NO 1,3 6
R32-06 3:45 Main Street (Bob Seger) Fs STD D 5of12 YES 1 4
R32-07 3:02 On And On (Stephen Bishop) Fs DSTD(I) C 6of10 NO 1,3 4
R32-08 4:06 Please Come To Boston (Dave Loggins) FP Dped(II) ~ 0of8 YES 1,3 4
R32-09 3:00 Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head (B.J.Thomas) Flat STD(V) C 6of10 NO 1 12,4,6
R32-10 3:19 Sister Golden Hair (America) Flat STD E 4of8 YES 1,3 4
R32-11 2:52 Welcome Back (John Sebastian) Flat STD(II) C 3of11 NO 1,3 4
R32-12 2:44 You Are The Woman (Firefall) Flat Dpedal ~ 0of7 YES 1,3 4
R33 Songs of the 1980’s Excerpt MP3s
CH ($4.80) cho ($4.80) (top)
ref. # time title (artist) style of play tuning key of play common chords barre chords vocals meter
R33-01  5:38 Against The Wind (Bob Seger) Flat STD G  5of6 YES 1,2 4
R33-02 4:01 All Out Of Love (Air Supply) Fs STD C 5of12 NO 1,2 4
R33-03 3:56 Don’t Dream It’s Over (Crowded House) Flat STD(III) C 5of10 YES 1,2 2
R33-04 3:16 Drivin’ My Life Away (Eddie Rabbitt) Flat STD E 3of4 YES 1,3 4
R33-05 4:56 Fast Car (Tracy Chapman) Flat G(II) ~ 0of9 NO 1 2
R33-06 3:13 God Bless The USA (Lee Greenwood) Fs STD(III) D 5of10 YES 1,4 4
R33-07 4:33 Her Town, Too (James Taylor) Fs STD D 3of14 YES 1,2 4
R33-08 4:19 It Might Be You (Stephen Bishop) Fs STD G 7of20 YES 1,3 4
R33-09 5:36 More Than Words (Extreme) Fs DSTD(I) G 7of19 YES 1,2 4
R33-10 4:14 Sailing (Christopher Cross) FP D ~ 0of15 YES 1,2 4
R33-11 3:40 Small Town (John Mellancamp) Flat STD(II) A 3of7 YES 1,2 4
R33-12 4:43 Southern Cross (Crosby, Stills, & Nash) 12 Flat STD A 3of4 NO 1,3 2
R34 Songs of the 1990’s Excerpt MP3s
CH ($4.80) cho ($4.80) (top)
ref. # time title (artist) style of play tuning key of play common chords barre chords vocals meter
R34-01  4:15 Down So Long (Jewel) Flat STD a  2of5 YES 1 12
R34-02 3:38 Fields Of Gold (Sting) Fs STD D 3of8 YES 1 4
R34-03 2:33 Good Riddance – Time Of Your Life (Green Day) P+S STD G 4of8 NO 1 2
R34-04 4:51 In Your Eyes (Jeffrey Gaines) Flat lowD(II) C,D 2of8 NO 1 2
R34-05 4:25 I Swear (John Michael Montgomery) Fs STD(I) C 4of10 NO 1,3 4
R34-06 5:24 Kiss From A Rose (Seal) Flat STD E,D 6of10 NO 1 3
R34-07 3:23 Man Of My Word (Collin Raye) Fs STD(II) D 3of7 YES 1,3 2
R34-08 3:35 Only Love (Wynonna Judd) Fs STD(I) G,c 5of11 YES 1,3 4
R34-09 3:10 Strong Enough (Sheryl Crow) FP STD D 4of8 YES 1,3 6
R34-10 4:33 Tears In Heaven (Eric Clapton) Fs STD A,C 5of19 YES 1,2 4
R34-11 7:02 Typical Situation (Dave Matthews) P+S STD e,G 3of10 NO 1 4
R34-12 6:15 Where Are You? (Deanta) Fs lowD C 2of7 NO 1 3
R35 Songs Of The 2000’s Excerpt MP3s
CH ($4.80) cho ($4.80) (top)
ref. # time title (artist) style of play tuning key of play common chords barre chords vocals meter
R35-01 4:00 Amazed (Lonestar) Flat DSTD(I) A 7of10 YES 1,3 4
R35-02 3:01 America, The Beautiful (Buffy Sainte Marie) Fs lowD(IV) A 3of14 YES 1 2
R35-03 4:25 Cinderella (Steven Curtis Chapman) Flat highD(III) e,G 3of9 NO 1 6
R35-04 4:03 Down To Earth (Justin Bieber) Fs STD C 2of9 NO 1 4
R35-04b Down To Earth (Justin Bieber) Flat STD C 3of4 NO 1 4
R35-05 4:20 Drops Of Jupiter (Train) Flat STD C 5of13 NO 1 12
R35-06 3:10 I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (Soggy Bottom Boys) P+S Dped(II) ~ 0of6 NO 1,3 4
R35-07 3:55 Love Story (Taylor Swift) Flat STD(II) c,d 6of8 YES 1,3 4
R35-08 3:57 October Road (James Taylor) Fs lowD(II) D 2of11 YES 2,3 4,6
R35-09 3:50 Say (John Mayer) Fs STD(VIII) D 2of7 NO 1,2 4
R35-09b Say (John Mayer) Flat STD(I) A 3of7 YES 1,2 4
R35-10 3:22 Talk Of The Town (Jack Johnson) Fs STD G 5of8 YES 1,2 4
R35-11 3:15 You And Me (Lifehouse) P+S STD G 0of12 YES 1,2 6
R35-12 3:33 You’re Beautiful (James Blunt) Flat STD(III) C 0of6 NO 1 12


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